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Thanksgiving and Baptism services

Thanksgiving Services

If you would like to thank God for your child and be prayed for, please ask about a Thanksgiving. We can usually accommodate Thanksgiving requests relatively quickly. No Godparents are required, and you would not be asked to make any promises on behalf of your child. This service is particularly suitable if you are not a practicing Christian, but would like to give thanks to God nonetheless for your child, and to ask for his blessing.


We ask parents who live in the parish and wish to bring their child(ren) for Baptism to meet with us so that we can outline what is involved, and so if you live outside the parish you will need to gain the consent of your own Parish Priest before we can proceed. We will explain that the promises made in Baptism are for believing Christians, and that being a Christian means following Jesus Christ in every area of life. An essential part of the Christian life is belonging to a church and attending regularly (at least once a month), and so if you are not a regular church attender it may be that a Thanksgiving Service is a more appropriate choice.

As Baptism, also known as Christening, is the means by which we become members of Christ’s Church, it is therefore an expectation that prior to baptism being carried out, that you are attending church regularly.

Baptism is the beginning of our journey with Jesus, and symbolises us being made anew, the water of baptism symbolically washing away the negative aspects of our life, and at the same time sustaining us with life giving water.

Deciding to be baptised is a serious decision, and for that reason it is something we ask you to think about carefully, whether you are the parent of a child to be Baptised, or an adult candidate. Godparents are promising to support the person being baptised, and so must have been baptised themselves.

Parents and godparents of children, or adult candidates themselves, make promises to God in the course of the Baptism service. These promises speak about Jesus, living the Christian life, and rejection of evil in the world.

Baptisms are held on Sundays, at a time agreed between yourself and the Parish Priest.

Please contact Fr Kevin if you would like to enquire about baptism for yourself or your child, by completing the online application form which can be accessed by clicking on the link below: