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Who’s Who

  • Parish Priest:



  • Fr Inglis Mayo  contact via the parish office





  • St Katharine Church Wardens:
    Kevin Feltham
  • Dean Quinton


  • Parish Readers:
    Peter Baker
  • Peter Hann

  • Director of Music:
    Andrew West

  • Parish Treasurer:
    Jenny Glendenning

  • Church Council Secretary:
    Colin Baker

  • Office Team:
    Kevin Fetltham, Margaret Hutchins and Hilary Davies

  • St Nicholas Warden
    Kevin Feltham

  • Sacristans:
    St Katharine – Christopher Hammond and Kay Helsby
    St Nicholas – HIlary Raymond and Angela Long

  • Sunday School & Crèche Leaders:
    St Katharine – Vacancy
    St Nicholas – Catherine Roberts

  • Safeguarding Officer:

    Position Vacant – please contact one of the church wardens:-

    Mr Dean Quinton( 01425 672601

    Mr Kevin Feltham ( 01202 423387