Coronavirus Information

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, on the 23rd March 2020, the churches of St Katharine and St Nicholas are now closed until further notice for all events, including private prayer.

If you can volunteer to help people practically, or are in need of some practical support where we may be able to help, check out the Practical Assistance page found under the Notices tab.

As a parish we are following the guidance issued by the Church of England which can be found in full by visiting:

All events are now cancelled until further notice, and we have received instructions from the Archbishops that our Church buildings are now closed to both the public and clergy for prayer and worship. We understand this decision will be painful for many of you, but you will appreciate that we do have to comply with the Archbishop's decree.


We will update this page regularly to keep you informed. We have just opened our parish  YouTube channel which can be found on the menu bar of the home page of this website, where we hope to display sermons, and worship over the coming weeks. These now take place from the newly constructed Vicarage Chapel. The churches in the parish cannot be opened now, but we may be able to provide practical support are listed under the Notices tab on the homepage. Please check the Notices tab regularly.


Prayer Resources are now available in the Prayer resources section


The Foodbank that we support is in need of volunteers at this difficult time, and would be grateful if you can help to staff it as many of their existing volunteers are over 70. If you can help, then please contact them at Immanuel Church on 01202 424994  with the following information:

Your name, age and address, a contact telephone number, and the days you could help on.

Thank you,

Fr Kevin Cable, Vicar

page last updated at 2.49pm on the 25th March 2020